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My Story

I am a mother of 5 children. When my children were young, I stayed home with them. It was exhausting, gratifying, self abnegating, mundane, glorious work. Over 2 decades of this I began to lose myself to the monotony and challenge of this position. In 2019 I was at a womens’ retreat and was asked to fill out a questionnaire: “Discover your purpose in 5 minutes or Less”. That was the title. I thought, “if this really helps me discover my purpose in 5 minutes or less, this alone will have been worth the cost of this retreat.”

I sat and stared at those questions for a long time. What do you like to do? Who do you do it for? What do you hope will happen because of it? I had nothing. NOTHING!

Depressed and a little angry, I went home that night and had a good cry and then forced myself to answer the questionnaire again. This time, instead of putting down what I did, I listed out what I wanted to do, even though I had ZERO opportunities at the time to pursue it.

Mediation was one of those things. I had been meditating privately for a couple of years. I loved the symbolism of the guided imagery. I loved the peace and the grounded energy. I loved the private mental space to practice new behaviors. I made a promise to the Universe that if any opportunities came my way, I would move towards them. And they have. And I did.

Five years later, I have certified as a meditation facilitator, started a private practice coaching others, helped write a book, jumped into social media, and crafted meditations for therapists to help their clients incorporate the principles of honest compassionate growth.

Mediation is a tool to help us reconnect with our soul and remember our true nature.
Meditation invites us to live with more honesty and expansive energy.
Meditation invites us to look more compassionately at our own flaws and the flaws of others.
Meditation offers a gentle invitation to step towards growth, because we are worthy, loved, and needed in this world.

About my process

I practice mindfulness meditation, which in essence is the practice of calming your mind and body through intentional breath exercises and relaxation techniques. Once we find a place of stillness, we are better able to use guided imagery to understand our challenges and anxieties.

Guided imagery is the process of storytelling. It’s where you tell the story of your emotional experience within the context of an image. The image plays out in your mind's eye, much like a movie. With the help of a facilitator who guides you with questions and dialogue, your unconscious, which is usually in self protection mode, is often invited to reveal more truth, perhaps more hurt, and more wisdom in this place of stillness than it would normally offer. This may sound painful, but it is a real gift. The ability to be honest, yet compassionate, with ourselves and others, is the only path I know of towards real personal growth.

This differs from emotional or mental health therapies because I am not offering you correction or external wisdom, but rather, holding space for you, creating stillness for you, so that you might find your own wisdom. Meditation coupled with other emotional therapies is often very helpful because it creates a safe space for you to compassionately, yet honestly confront what is your responsibility.


You wont need beads, or incense or trips to India. You won’t need special words, positions, or mantras here. You will need a quiet space and an open heart. You will need intention. You will need honesty. You will need compassion. If you do not yet have these, you can learn how to acquire them in this practice.


Meditation is the process of remembering, of being reunited with your soul. It’s the process of making friends once again with that which is most noble within you.


My work is to help you reconnect with your true nature. Through relaxation, breath work, guided imagery, and reflection I create a safe place for you to discover your inner wisdom. The ability to move through life being true to yourself, but also articulating peacefully with others requires a high level of presence and awareness. Choosing to live in this manner is an intentional daily practice for all of us.

Why do this work?

Many of us are beaten down, worn thin, and feeling depleted. I’ve heard it said there are 2 kinds of tired, one that requires rest and one that begs for peace. It’s becoming more evident to me that our society needs men and women who know this sensation of peace. This isn’t about transcending challenges, but rather transforming ourselves so we can better handle the challenges that face us with open hearts and clear minds.

We owe it to ourselves to learn to live in peace. We are worth that. We have the opportunity to bless our families, our communities, and the world if we can journey in peace.

Join our community and let's journey together on this mindful path.

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