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Join Our Community

Sangha is the Sanskrit word for community. Thich Nhat Hanh, a Zen Buddhist Master, teaches that every Meditation Practitioner needs a Sangha to learn from and to take refuge in. Here are some ways you can join our Sangha, our Community. 

Private Session

A private mindfulness and meditation session is 75 minutes, held online, or face to face for those in proximity. This is a dialogue based guided imagery session, where we move together through the process of guided imagery and reflection.


A private session allows us to focus on your specific imagery, to move a little deeper through the process with follow up questions that are geared specifically to your experience. There is more time here for reflection and discussion.


$50 per session

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5 with 5 Women’s Small Group Meditation

This small group experience allows you to practice mindfulness and meditation with other like minded women. This is a beautiful way to make external connections while doing internal work. Offered online or face to face for those in proximity. 75 minutes/session.


Women who participate in 5 with 5 create a sense of community. They find support and friendship with a small group that extends outside of the meditation hall.


$75 per 5 week session

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I strive to offer a few short, women’s retreats based in Western Colorado each year. I partner with Nourishing Roots, a local wellness business, where we offer a variety of ways to connect.


Being together with women in a retreat setting allows us to step away from the business of our day to day life and bring more intentionality and awareness to our own growth and development. Our quarterly 1 day retreats keep this opportunity accessible to women who want more frequent, but less time intensive exposure and support.

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Personalized and Professionally Recorded Meditation

A personalized and professionally recorded meditation may be helpful for you as you celebrate a wedding, or a family reunion, or to help you process grief as you experience the loss of a loved one. If you are struggling with mindful eating, sleeping, pain management, etc. this is a meditation that speaks directly to you and your unique circumstance. The process includes a private meditation session to understand what would be helpful, a fully scripted, unique meditation that has been professionally recorded and is offered to you as an MP3 file.


This is a powerful way to practice meditation because it speaks directly to your unique experience. You are able to listen to this recording again and again, finding new layers of understanding, healing, and awareness each time you practice.


Starting at $180, price varies depending on project scope.

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Free Online Community

Join our online community and share in refreshing conversations, uplifting messages, and regular invitations to mindful living.


Our online community is growing and we would love to have your perspective, life experience, and wisdom to be part of that growth. When you lift one, you lift the entire group. This is an easy way to “dip your toe” into mindfulness or to “fully release” into this world.

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I absolutely loved the time I was able to spend in group meditation with Juli leading and guiding us. I was able to bring forward some beautiful awareness of myself and my journey.


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