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Meditation Store

Welcome to my Meditation Library. Creating a regular meditation practice may be challenging with our busy lives. We often need to be purposeful and create time and space to practice meditation. These guided meditations are meant to help you develop and deepen your intentional practice.

If you have suggestions for new recordings, share your ideas on my contact page!

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Stress Reduction Meditation

Time: 16:11 mins

In this meditation we practice calming down in the face of stress or anxiety. We aren’t living in denial of our challenges, or trying to escape, but rather we practice bringing a calm mind and open heart to our challenges. This meditation will guide us through relaxation, breath awareness, calming imagery, and purposeful reflection so that we might bring more calm into our daily life.


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Daily Gratitude Meditation

Time: 19.03 mins

In this guided meditation we see ourselves move throughout our day, creating more space for awareness and gratitude. Often the mundane and predictable camouflages beautiful moments. This meditation helps us practice gratitude from a place of abundance and not from a palace of guilt.


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Self Compassion Meditation

Time: 17.06 mins

In this meditation we practice grounding in Self Compassion. Compassion is the ability to hold ourselves in warm regard while attending to our flaws. This is a real practice. We are not often taught to do this, rather, we are taught to embellish or diminish in order to protect our sense of self that feels fragile. Our ability to hold ourselves in compassion will open up opportunities for us to learn to hold others in compassion.


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Morning Routine

Time: 12.46 mins

In this meditation we practice stepping into a new day with more intentionality and clarity. We allow time for our body and our mind to sync, to begin to be in touch once again with our physicality. We breathe, we enjoy the calm before the day begins, we gently touch on our day, bringing our awareness and intention to what lies ahead. We are invited to make 3 small commitments.


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Time: 33.50 mins

In this meditation we will practice inviting the mind into deeper, calmer, quieter spaces. This meditation is intended to guide one into sleep through breath awareness and relaxation techniques. The subtle music and longer, purposeful pauses will help cue our minds to release into sleep. The longer duration will allow us the space to practice letting go of the anxiety and frustration of not being able to find sleep. We practice allowing sleep to seep into us, slowly and deeply.


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True Nature

Time: 23.27 mins

In this meditation we practice the art of sitting in our true nature. We practice finding the stillness of not proving ourselves, not chasing after validation, of seeing and feeling our innate goodness and capacity. This is more than self esteem, this is divinity within us. In this meditation we take the time to tap into that divinity, to remind ourselves that we are loved and valued by the Creator and that the Universe as a whole, responds to our petition for guidance and help.


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